If your boss refuses to pay for hours you worked, won’t pay for training, stole your tips, or otherwise cheated you out of your earnings, we can help! If your landlord refuses to make repairs, stole your deposit, is harassing you, or has attempted to illegally evict you, we can help!

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Who We Are

Niagara Solidarity is a volunteer-organized group that will stand up for workers and tenants whose bosses and landlords are breaking the law. Known as “solidarity networks,” “community unions” or “workers action centres,” groups like ours use our strength in numbers to fight back against bosses and landlords who break the law.

What We Do

We can help you put pressure on your landlord, employer or ex-employer to give you what you deserve under the Employment Standards Act or the Residential Tenancies Act.

Our campaigns start with a demand letter, delivered by the whole group, telling your boss or landlord what they owe. If they still don’t pay, then we will work together to plan a campaign of legal, direct-action protests. The campaign will continue until the boss or landlord does what they are legally obligated to do (e.g., pays back stolen wages, makes mandatory repairs). Solidarity networks in cities all over the world have found that this is a model that works.

All we ask in return is that you stand up and fight back — for yourself and for others experiencing the same injustices.

What Happens First?

Send us an email or use the contact form below to get in touch. We will invite you to meet some of our members in person.

When you contact us, we will ask for more information about your situation. What has your boss or landlord done? What are your demands for justice? How can we hurt your boss or landlord’s “bottom line” — that is, how can we make their illegal behaviours bad for business?


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